What’s for Dinner?

So obviously, a blog about shopping and cooking is going to have this sort of thing.

I’m still figuring how I’m going to do this; this started as me thinking that if I was putting in the amount of effort I am on this, I should keep a journal.

Whats for dinner?

The meal plan on the fridge says “General Tso’s Chickenless.”   It’s adapted from the Wegman’s Menu Magazine’s idea of combining their Chickenless Nuggets with Sesame stir fry sauce.   Using spicy orange sauce instead of sesame-ginger.

What’s the cost?

I’m not planning on making a habit of getting bogged down in daily per-meal calculations.  They invariably prompt arguments as to whether you’re allowed to use the unit cost for a tablespoon of olive oil or whether its truly possible to find onions at that particular price point.   But I’m not never going to do it either

So, cost:  “Nuggets,” 3.99, Frozen Broccoli, .99, Sauce, 2.99, Rice, 0.50:    $8.47.

But wait!  I’m not going to use the whole bottle of sauce!  On the toher hand, I’m also going to fry those nuggets.  But I’m using frying oil saved from the falafel I made last week!  Okay, so I’ll have to weigh the oil before, and then strain after and weigh again…

Screw that.  Call it $9.

Why nuggets?    Isn’t that processed and manufactured and full of ingredients we can’t pronounce?

Balance.   The kids love chinese takeout, especially the sweet and sour chicken from a nearby restaurant.  I cannot duplicate the experience of greasy fried sauce drenched nuggets from scratch particularly well, but this hits all their sensory triggers.

Why chickenless nuggets?    Because if I’m going to buy processed, manufactured protein nuggets,  I might as well just skip the factory chicken and just eat the TVP.   Wegman’s veggie nuggets actually are pretty convincing, are quite cheap, and let me avoid facing my issues around conventionally-raised chicken.


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