Dinner Tonight?

So, what’s for dinner tonight?

Waffles.   With sausage.   And probably fruit, for that “fruits and veggies” component.

The sausage is breakfast patties from a local farm, bought last week at the market.  Eggs in the waffles are from the same farm.  Flour is Wegmans store brand, which continually pleases us.  The berries are frozen, from a Family Size pack.

It’s my husband’s night to cook, and he’s best at breakfast.  So breakfast-for-dinner is what we will have.

I’m actually a huge fan of breakfast for dinner, and our budget meal plans regularly involve eggs and hash browns, Dutch Baby pancakes, Eggs Benedict, corned beef hash, and more.   Since husband (going to have to come up with a pseud for him, aren’t I) isn’t as confident a cook as I am, the “easy stuff” is often scheduled for his day.

Yes, “day.”

I worked part time after the kids were born, and for years I was home after school to greet the bus, do all the grocery shopping, and start dinner.   I could do an entire blog around the division of household labor and how they play out in marriage, but this ain’t that blog.  I’ll just say that while he was a willing and able prep cook before the kids were born, and has continued to hone his baking skills, daily meal cooking has been in my hands for most of our married life.

When I returned to full time work last year, I was clear that there would need to be changes in how tasks were divided.  I was going to lose 15 hours of time at home in exchange for 15 hours more paid work, and it was time to shift some jobs.  That was the theory.  In practice, not much has changed yet, but I did hand Thursday nights over to him so that I could take our daughter to an afterschool lesson and not have to rush through dinner prep afterwards.

He’s branching out – he’s made jambalaya from scratch, African chicken stew, pasta with a slew of veggies … but yes, the kids have come to expect that Thursday night is Pancake Night.


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