Shopping Day!

Finished the meal plan last night (will post that later).  

It’s a fine, sunny, Saturday morning.    I’ll be leaving shortly for the Farmer’s market, where I will meet a friend, drink some coffee, and buy  eggs, one meat item (probably italian sausage, since pasta with red sauce and pizza are both on the meal plan), and ramps (they’re in season right now and will be over by next week, probably).   I expect my purchases will total about $20 this week, though if I find a very good deal on something that can be frozen I might spend some of my “flex money”  to stock up.

After the market, I’ll run through the feed store for cat food, and then on to the grocery store for the rest of the week’s supplies.    The store’s app currently says my list will cost about $80, and as most of the items are fixed-price dry goods I expect that’s fairly accurate.  The biggest items on this weeks list are apples (my son’s favorite snack; we go through a large bag every other week) and potatoes (I like yukon golds or butter potatoes, which are more expensive than plain white but seem to have less waste this year.)

Between market and grocery store I’m hoping today will be slightly under budget for the week, to keep me on target for the month.

The week is pretty typical for breakdown; my goal is to keep the grocery store bill at or under $100, the farmers market around $25, and there’s a monthly amount in the budget for incidentals – spices and specialty items.  I’m aware I could get all the numbers lower with different food choices, but the numbers are well under the Thrifty Food Plan for our family size, our current budget will allow this much, and in balancing cost cuts and quality cuts, this is where we’ve chosen to land, for now.   


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