Monday Dinner

Dinner tonight was meant to be relatively quick and easy after the all-afternoon production number of yesterday’s feast. 

“Michigan Hotdish” is the family name for something I grew up eating: thin coins of smoked sausage fried up with onions, cubed potatoes, and apples.  Mom was unable to give it a name other than “you know, sausage and potatoes,” and Dad added “Everyone ate it.”   It’s basically two Dutch and/or German suppers — fried potatoes with sausage and fried apples ‘n onions – all done at the same time in the same skillet. 

The kids love it.   And its fairly quick – slice the sausage, start it frying while you slice the onion, add that and chunk the potatoes (I microwave them briefly to par-cook them), slice the apple while the potatoes start, and then stir in the apples and cook it all together while you unload the dishwasher, reload the dishwasher, unload the kid’s lunchboxes, chase down the kids’ school paperwork, and wait for Husband to get home.

But I was out of onions!  I thought there were a few in the giant bag I bought last month, but it turns out the mass of material at the bottom was all skins and no flesh.     

What I had were the ramps I’d collected on my Mother’s Day hike with a friend.   And the sausage I’d pulled from the freezer turned out to be Italian.   So: sausage, ramps, potatoes .. and diced red pepper, because that seemed more appropriate to the dish than apple.

Still good, still pretty quick. 

I diced twice as many potatoes as I needed and parboiled them all while I was cleaning the ramps.  The plan is to make potato samosas later in the week, and having the potatoes ready will make that relatively fast.

Ingredient notes:  Smoked sweet italian sausage from the farmer’s market, ramps from the woods behind the tech park parking lot, potatoes and pepper from family-size sacks at the grocery store.   


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