On the Fly

So I went to visit a friend last week.

I planned simple things I knew Olaf (that’s the psued I’m going with for the husband) could deal with:   Pancake Thursday, Pasta Friday, and Pizza Saturday (homemade – O’s a wizard with a yeasted dough).   And then I took off for other parts.

But that meant that I wasn’t around for my usual meal planning routine, nor was I home for Shopping Day.   I came home Sunday in time for leftover pizza (when Olaf makes pizza, we have LOTS of pizza).   Monday was hectic with work and after-school errands (the trees are blooming and we didn’t realize the kids allergy prescriptions had all expired – oops).   No shopping, but we had pantry options – kielbasa in the freezer, potatoes and onions in the cupboard, apples in the crisper drawer.   I was able to make Michigan Hotdish pretty quickly after we got home from the pharmacy.

Tuesday, I threw together red lentil soup (sautéed an onion, tossed in ground cumin, ground coriander, some cinnamon and a touch of mint and cayenne, then a cup of lentils and a half cup of brown rice and enough water to keep it soupy).   We had that with bread, and I was off to the grocery store.

With little time to plan, and a half-week to plan for before shopping again, the list was short: more flour for breadmaking, cottage cheese and yogurt for breakfasts, milk and cheese to replace staples, and more beans.

The plan for the rest of the week:

Wednesday: My calendar is clear and there’s nothing planned. Last night was light and practically vegan, so a bigger meal: Sauteed chicken breasts with roasted asparagus and couscous.  I’ve got lemon juice and garlic in the fridge, and I’ll probably season them with leftover ramps (if they’re still wholesome) and a bit of thyme.

Thursday: Should be Olaf’s cooking day, but since he cooked over the weekend he may not e feeling that. Nevertheless, Thursday is pancake day again.   I’m planning a big Dutch baby pancake with frozen fruit topping.

Friday: Black bean burritos.  I’ll either cook dry beans the night before so they’re ready to go, or I’ll throw them in the crockpot before leave the house. There’s a pepper left from the Family Pack of peppers from last week, onions in the cupboard, frozen Anaheim chiles, and I bought tortillas and cheese.

My total at the grocery store was just under $80, and that included some cat supplies, which don’t technically count against our food budget.   Coming in that much under the weekly total will help offset the money I spent on spices and fancy canned goods on my trip.    I took advantage of being near a Penzey’s Spices store to restock some of our regularly used seasonings, and picked up our favorite salsas and inexpensive coffee beans at a Trader Joes on the road.


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