Dutch Babies for My Babies

Tonights dinner, as outlined in the short-week meal plan, was a Dutch Baby pancake.

To feed four strapping Dutch folks (Olaf had his DNA done by Family Tree DNA last year, confirming that he is descended from Vikings, Frisians, and other hardy North Sea Peoples), we make the biggest version.

Thursday is supposed to be Olaf’s cooking day. As the dinner hour approached, he asked “So, are you making Dutch Babies, or should I make pancakes?”

I pointed out that oven pancakes are much easier and require less tending than flapjacks, and that the recipe was in the binder.   I got it out and showed him, and he did follow through with the assembly.  He also pulled some frozen blueberries from the gallon bag in the freezer and heated them to bubbly-hot in the microwave, so our meal had something other than flour and eggs in it.

Dutch Babies are a big favorite of the kids.  Flavorwise, they’re so eggy they taste like my grandmother’s crepes, and if you use all the butter the recipe calls for, they form a wonderful crackling top and puffy crusty edge that contrasts nicely with the buttery dense eggy center.

Ingredients: Eggs from the farmers market, all-purpose flour, organic milk, a stick of butter, and blueberries from Wegmans..  No added sugar, and something like 1.5 eggs per person.  It’s not salad, but neither is it poison.


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