Quarter Pounders

We pulled the grill out from under the deck, scrubbed it clean, and fired it up this evening.

Dinner tonight was burgers, potato salad, slaw (broccoli slaw) and S’mores.

Earlier today, I asked Olaf to cube and simmer some potatoes until they were tender but not mushy, while I took the kids to the pool.  When I got back, the potatoes had been simmered, drained, rinsed in cold water to stop them cooking further, and stashed in the fridge.  He’d also remembered I wanted to hard-boil some eggs and had done that.

I made a mayonnaise based dressing, supplemented with greek yogurt and flavored with celery leaf, celery seed, and parsley, and tossed that with the cubed potatoes and chopped eggs.   Because the potatoes were dressed with mayo, I made a simple vinaigrette for the broccoli slaw – olive oil, cider vinegar, salt, pepper, dill, and a dash of sugar.

When we only have a pound of ground beef I will generally make six patties from it, but with two pounds I made larger patties and only eight burgers.   I like them thicker than the pre-formed patties you can buy, but not so thick they don’t cook through before they get tough.   These turned out perfectly.     The meat isn’t full of water and flavor enhancers, so they grill up juicy with a lot of beef flavor and still get lovely grill crust on the outside.

While the grill was hot, we grilled two packages of chicken thighs for later in the week, and roasted eggplant on the shelves above the hottest part of the grate.   After we’d cleared the table, we roasted marshmallows for S’mores.

All in all, a fine meal.


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