New Normal

Well, a year after I started and then gave up trying to document this, our situation is essentially unchanged.     While there are potential developments, feeding our growing family healthy meals on a tight budget has become our new normal.  

How has that worked, over the last year? 

I’ve gotten much better at this.   I’m a better cook, and I’ve mastered several new dishes and techniques.

I’m not enjoying it any more than I was.   I do it because I have to, because its a priority.  Because I want to eat things I cannot afford to pay others to make for me.  But doing it night after night, meal after meal, is simple drudgery. I have streamlined many things, I’ve gotten good at putting food on the table efficiently.   But some days, just hearing “Mom, whats for dinner?” makes me cringe.

One great development is how much the kids are doing.   IT’s taken some work on my part, but they take an active role in setup and cleanup.    Over a year into “Homeschool Home Ec,” my 15 year old boy can size up a kitchen, figure out what needs to be done, and do it.   My 11 year old daughter is well on her way to the same.  

One less-great development is that this somehow means their father is cleaning less.   

I’m going to try this blogging thing again as summer approaches.   Lets see if it can inspire me again. 


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