New Normal

Well, a year after I started and then gave up trying to document this, our situation is essentially unchanged.     While there are potential developments, feeding our growing family healthy meals on a tight budget has become our new normal.   How has that worked, over the last year?  I’ve gotten much better at […]


We pulled the grill out from under the deck, scrubbed it clean, and fired it up this evening. Dinner tonight was burgers, potato salad, slaw (broccoli slaw) and S’mores. Earlier today, I asked Olaf to cube and simmer some potatoes until they were tender but not mushy, while I took the kids to the pool. […]

Goulash, Times Two

Goulash.   Gulyas. It’s not really a “family recipe,” since by the time I was growing up in a blue-collar working-class neighborhood, “Goulash” was a puddle of ground beef and tomato sauce served over elbow macaroni.    But its the kind of stew that speaks to my Eastern European roots.   And it takes a […]

Dutch Babies for My Babies

Tonights dinner, as outlined in the short-week meal plan, was a Dutch Baby pancake. To feed four strapping Dutch folks (Olaf had his DNA done by Family Tree DNA last year, confirming that he is descended from Vikings, Frisians, and other hardy North Sea Peoples), we make the biggest version. Thursday is supposed to be […]