New Normal

Well, a year after I started and then gave up trying to document this, our situation is essentially unchanged.     While there are potential developments, feeding our growing family healthy meals on a tight budget has become our new normal.   How has that worked, over the last year?  I’ve gotten much better at […]

Monday Dinner

Dinner tonight was meant to be relatively quick and easy after the all-afternoon production number of yesterday’s feast.  “Michigan Hotdish” is the family name for something I grew up eating: thin coins of smoked sausage fried up with onions, cubed potatoes, and apples.  Mom was unable to give it a name other than “you know, […]

Shopping Day!

Finished the meal plan last night (will post that later).   It’s a fine, sunny, Saturday morning.    I’ll be leaving shortly for the Farmer’s market, where I will meet a friend, drink some coffee, and buy  eggs, one meat item (probably italian sausage, since pasta with red sauce and pizza are both on the […]

Why There’s So Much Confusion Over Nutrition and Health

Why There’s So Much Confusion Over Nutrition and Health Being forced to question every penny you spend on food leaves you wondering where to start.   What can you cut without thinking?  What should you make sacrifices in other areas to maintain?   Where is organic worth the cost?   Is it ever worth the cost?  How do […]