On the Fly

So I went to visit a friend last week. I planned simple things I knew Olaf (that’s the psued I’m going with for the husband) could deal with:   Pancake Thursday, Pasta Friday, and Pizza Saturday (homemade – O’s a wizard with a yeasted dough).   And then I took off for other parts. But that meant […]

Monday Dinner

Dinner tonight was meant to be relatively quick and easy after the all-afternoon production number of yesterday’s feast.  “Michigan Hotdish” is the family name for something I grew up eating: thin coins of smoked sausage fried up with onions, cubed potatoes, and apples.  Mom was unable to give it a name other than “you know, […]

Shopping Day!

Finished the meal plan last night (will post that later).   It’s a fine, sunny, Saturday morning.    I’ll be leaving shortly for the Farmer’s market, where I will meet a friend, drink some coffee, and buy  eggs, one meat item (probably italian sausage, since pasta with red sauce and pizza are both on the […]